Instruction for Fueling with CNG

• The driver pulls up at a dispenser, switches the engine off and then connects the nozzle to the receptacle. Now you are ready to fill.

• Use appropiate paying method to activate dispenser.

• When the cylinder is full, the dispenser automatically shuts off and then driver disconnects nozzle. Its that simple.

CNG Cylinder Fill Amount at CNG Station

CNG cylinder manufactures supply industrial standard amounts for the cylinders they make. This amount will not be what you are able to refill the cylinders when fueling at the cng station during normal use. Amount of refill will vary at different stations and other factors will effect amount of refill like the weather, temperatures, CNG fuel station equipment, altitude, storage vessel psi, temperature compensation, etc...

The cng cylinders will always have cng fuel pressure remaining in tank when the fuel gauge shows it is empty due to CNG fuel rail pressures that are needed to supply cng fuel to the engine. For example we see for a manufactuer rated 23.5 gge cylinder having refills in range of 18 - 20 gge's. It is possible to have even lower refills. Altech-Eco does not guarantee the amount you will get on refills, there are just to many variables out of our control.