CNG Parts For Sale

Please call (828) 654-8300 Ext. 107 or email for parts availability. Having the MS# for the CNG systems will help identify parts you may need, it is located on Emissions Sticker under hood (ex. MS# 23-F50-256). All parts must be paid prior to shipping. There is 3% processing fee for credit card payments over $1,000. UPS only, to ship same day orders must be placed before 1:00 pm EST. Shipping charges will be added to invoice.

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 Picture  Part No.  Description  Price
 AFCMBI-SWITCH  CNG Fuel Selector Switch  $31.79
 E-EDI-SW-ST3  CNG Fuel Selector Switch and CNG Fuel Level Gauge  $151.82
 FRHA  CNG Fuel Receptacle Aluminum Housing Assembly (Cup, Ring and 6 bolts) Receptacle Not Included  $102.85
 RECEPTACLE3600  CNG Fuel Receptacle with Rubber Cap (rated for 3600 psi.)  $236.00
 HP-FH-B  CNG Fuel Filter Black Anodized Aluminum Housing with Bleeder Valve (Bolts, Filter and O-Ring not included) - Rated for 3600 psi.  $275.78
 KIT-AFF-TIF-PE  CNG Coalescing Filter Element with O-Ring  $41.17
 FILTER-O  CNG Coalescing Filter "Brown" Older Style  $44.30
 VGLRBRK-BR  CNG Fuel Filter Black Powder Coated Housing Bracket to fit on OMB Tank Valve.  $69.98
 6 F5OHAO-S  Steel Straight O-Ring Fitting 3/8" O.D. - Connects between CNG Fuel Filter Housing and OMB Tank Valve.  $8.89
 180421  CNG Coalescing Filter Housing Socket  $35.70
 GS-U01  CNG Fuel Gauge Pod (Pod Only)  $16.47
 MARSHALLGAUGE  CNG Fuel Gauge (Altech-Eco Logo)  $49.60
 GR-PRESS-01 (V1 or V2)  CNG Fuel Pressure Gauge (0-3600 psi). Version 1 Mid Year 2022 and older. Version 2 Mid Year 2022 and Newer. Provide MS#  $179.90
 HPR080, HPR100, HPR110  ITT Natural Gas Pressure Regulator. 80psi (MPN: HPNGV28289-4), 100psi (MPN: HPNGV28289-3), 110psi (MPN: HPNGV28289-8)  $678.15
 INJ821  Bosch CNG Fuel Injector. (MPN: 0280158821)  $129.80
 AEC-TRANS2TST  Low Pressure Sensor GEMS (OUT OF STOCK)  N/A
 AEC-TRANS5TST  High Pressure Sensor GEMS (OUT OF STOCK)  N/A
 DUSTCAP  CNG Receptacle Dust Cap  $10.21
 112524-OMB  CNG OMB Tank LYRA Valve with Electronic Solenoid  $297.00
 CH8S6SS6-1-316-CNG  One Way Check Valve 3/8" ORFS Male to Female  $377.57
 CVS363  One Way Check Valve 3/8" ORFS  $158.94
 G-PT-0-175  CNG Fuel Rail Pressure and Temperature Sensor  $172.00
 E-EDI-MAP  CNG MAP Sensor  $193.51
 MP SENSOR  Bosch "Medium" Pressure Fuel Rail Sensor (Bosch M/P: 0 261 230 326) or (M/P: 0462 7575 AA-001)  $157.50
 HPS-BOSCH  Bosch "High Pressure" Sensor (M/P: 0 261 545 030)  $164.00
 LP SENSOR  Bosch "Low Pressure" Fuel Rail Sensor (M/P: 0 261 230 145)  $142.50
 QTRNA  Quarter Turn Low Pressure CNG Valve Assembly. Includes: S/O VALVE (x1), 8F5OLO-S-ZJ - Fitting (x2), QTV-BRK - Bracket (x1), 142 - Bolts (x2), 217 - U Nut (x1), & 127 - Bolt (x1). Up to 600 PSI.  $192.32
 S/O VALVE  Quarter Turn Low Pressure CNG Valve. Up to 600 PSI.  $158.40
 QTR-BRK-APP  Quarter Turn Bracket  $12.87
 8 F5OLO  Straight Fitting that connects to Quarter Turn Shut Off Valve.  $8.89
 CHY  Coolant "Y" Splitter  $10.07
 AEC-PSI150  Altech-Eco Warning Up To 150 PSI Sticker. Used to wrap around a LP hose. 3.75" x 2"  $5.37
 AEC-PSI3600-1  Altech-Eco Warning Up To 3,600 PSI Sticker. Used to wrap around a HP hose. 3.75" x 2"  $5.37
 VENTHP  Altech-Eco CNG Vent Line Warning 3,600 PSI Sticker. Used to wrap around a CNG vent line. 3.75" x 2" $5.19
 CNGONLY-1  Altech-Eco CNG ONLY 3,600 PSI Sticker. 1.25" x 2.5"  $6.20
 WHPSTKR  Altech-Eco Warning High Pressure Natural Gas System Sticker. 4" x 1.5"  $6.59
 CNG-STKR  Altech-Eco CNG Diamond Sticker. 4.75" x 3.25"  $10.60
 CNGMSO  Altech-Eco Manual CNG Shut-Off Valve Sticker. 3" x 3"  $9.39
 CNGPRD  Altech-Eco CNG Pressure Relief Device Vent Location Sticker. 3" x 5"  $9.39
 CNGFV  Altech-Eco CNG Fueled Vehicle Sticker. 3.75" x 1.25"  $7.52
 FHS  Altech-Eco CNG Filter Housing Warning 3,600 psi Sticker. 1" x 2.5"  $6.86
 WHPHSKR  Altech-Eco Filter Housing Warning High Pressure Sticker. 1" x 2.5"  $6.59
 CYLEXP  Altech-Eco Warning CNG Cylinder Information Sticker. 5.25" x 2.75"  $7.52
 VWL  Altech-Eco Danger Venting of High Pressure Sticker. 3.75" x 1.25"  $5.37
 NGV-STKR  Altech-Eco NGV Natural Gas Vehicle Sticker. No Background Color, Die Cut Around Letters. For side of vehicle. 11" x 2.75"  $15.95